Office based anesthesia is a very serious but safe procedure. We follow the sameĀ guidelines very strictly as recommended by hospital-based anesthesia. Every anesthesia case must have consultation with the doctor prior to administration. Depends on your health condition and the nature of your surgery, some cases may need medical consultation and other cases may need to be referred to hospital.


Before Sedation:

  • NO eating/drinking for at least 6 hours.
  • Accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • NO active respiratory or other recent illness.
  • DO NOT skip medications unless recommended by the doctor.
  • Female: not pregnant.


After Sedation: even though you are awake, many of the medication can stay in your body for a prolong period of time.

  • You must be able to function (walk, talk) without assistance before leaving the office.
  • Mild drowsy, nausea and tiredness are common for 24 hours.
  • NO driving automobile, operating heavy machinery or strenuous excise for 24 hours.

Female: NO breastfeeding for 72 hours after anesthesia.