Every surgery is capable of producing pain, bleeding, and swelling afterward.  There is always a small chance of infection. We are strived to minimize these discomforts to all our patients. Doctor is accessible 24/7 to our established patients with a phone call. Follow up appointments are given to more involved procedures, but all are encouraged to return for checkup visit anytime.  You should receive a written post-op instruction before discharged from office.


  • Bleeding: Bite firmly on gauze for 2-3 hours. Gauze can be gently changed or replaced every 30-45 minutes. If bleeding persists, place new gauze for another 30-45 minutes. Intermittent bleeding or oozing is normal for first 3 days.


  • Swelling and Bruising: Often associated with oral surgery. It can be minimized with cold pack 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for first 24 hours after surgery. Most of the swelling and bruising improve over 4-6 days.


  • Pain: Common after oral surgery that is relieved by medication. Most of pain will improve over 4-6 days. Some pain medication can cause nausea and can be taken with small amount of food or less dosage of medicine.


  • Diet: Do NOT use straw for first 5 days after surgery. Starts with soft diet and advance as tolerated.


  • Oral Hygiene

Rinse mouth with warm salt water 2 – 3 times a day and resume normal brush the day after surgery. Refrain from using mouth rinse that contains alcohol.

Do NOT rinse vigorously or probe with any objects.

Do NOT disturb surgical areas.

Do NOT smoke for at least 72 hours since it delays healing and increases chance of infection.



If office is closed, please leave the message to our voicemail as it will be forward to doctor’s personal phone. If you cannot wait, please to go to the nearest emergency room.


Post-operative course of healing should be gradual with steady improvement. If discomfort persists without getting better after 2 weeks or more, please call for a check-up visit.